May 09, 2006


I dont know why I complain! I mean REALLY NOW....I am SOOOO lucky and spoiled. Its not even funny. And it doesnt mean I wont complain in the future, either. It just means I really DO really realize how great I have it ( just for the record).

With that said here's an example of how I've got it so good:

I DID get to work out really hard to the point of sweating more than you want to know...
I HAD brilliant short but sweet conversation with Lydia that helped me connect the dots with some serious God issues I've been having the past few weeks...what's that about where two or more are gathered? Well, it obviously counted the phone!
I AM addicted to bubble baths all of a the past week I've had TWO....its all about the music you listen to whilest having the bubble bath...tonight I was all about The Fray. woo. They rock. literally.
I ATE pizza instead of leftover chinese..either way I was a winner....I still get to eat chinese! just not twice in one day! woo....
I also had a delightful time watching the Finale of GG with Anna and Emily...we was like the end of Season Four...only worse.

Anyway...I am feeling mostly restored...not quite there, but I have HOPE of a full recovery from this particular Funk. Yes, God is Faithful.
It was never really a question of if...more of WHEN. ;-)

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