May 09, 2006

When it hits the fan..

So, I'd totally resolved myself to being here ( at work) for ten hours again since my esteemed co-worker was once again too sick to stand...In fact, I felt that my attitude was far from bad. Good even.
But, the lack of sleep, the impending headache ( the weather's changing, friends) AND the task of having to do MATH ( seems my esteemed co-worker didnt do her job before she got now I'm doing the paytimesheets) was TOO MUCH.

Which is Why when the evil Neuro Surgeon semi-yelled at me for not addressing his PRESENCE IN THE ROOM and not asking him if HE NEEDED ANYTHING...instead of being focused on said Math...I cried.

well, I didnt cry in front of ENS ( of course, since he's as close to being GOD as any human can be...he probably SENSED MY CRYING...omnipresence being one of the many neurosurgery skillz you must learn...) , but I DID cry for a good ten minutes after. I looked blotchy and my eyes were all red and puffy and I had to put my glasses on to cover it all up...which also helps with the headache problem too. So, yeeeeeah, on a positive note, my eyes really ARE blue-er after I cry, too bad the puffiness takes away from it making me gorgeous and irresistible or I'd seriously cry before all social gatherings...

In all seriousness, I think I cried because I'm TIRED. Yes, TIRED. I couldnt sleep again last night...and while I DID have a really lovely catchup with one of my all time favorite cousins on MSN at like 12:30...I laid awake for HOURS after that...feeling "uggy".

I just want to run away....I want to be pretty...and go to one of those really fancy balls that you see in the movies where you get to wear fancy dresses and you get to drink champagne and get asked to waltz or something. So, basically I want to run away to an old movie from the 40s...yup.

But, at this point I'd settle for just a cozy blanket and my PJs.... oooh...But, I'll take the champagne.

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