May 18, 2006

It's ALL good!

So, last night I had dinner with my parents and then I rushed home to have a shower in the ten minutes I had before church...Yet, I found that you can actually fit a LOT of happiness into ten minutes,
first of all, I got the mail...and a suprise "just because" card from Aunt Donnave, and can I just was PERFECT! She wrote a post on her blog a while ago talking about the delight of the perfect card...well, she KNOWS what she's talking about ( PS. I was going to link that particular post...but I looked ALL through her blog and couldnt find it! meeeh! I didnt make it up, did I?!)

So, I went into my apartment feeling pretty happy and loved, and as I put my keys on their hook by the door I noticed there was something different about the house...and sure enough as I moved into the living room I knew it for sure! So, I said out LOUD into the empty room:


Oh suuuure, she wasnt there to hear me...but I was happy and thankful just the same...Seriously, though...made my NIGHT.

I have this thing, maybe not to the degree that my sister and my father have it but I digress, that you should leave your house all in order when you go out of town...and so I was doing laundry at 11:30 last night....I KNOW that I'm only going to be gone for a night...but STILL...It needed to be done, I was running out of undies!!

So, to make myself feel better ( the being up at 12 putting clothes away-something I hate to do at even a NORMAL hour)I decided to go to Java Jacks this morning...which I DID...and yes, I'm feeling not any less tired but a TAD wired...which is almost as good. ;-0

In other news, I am very VERY happy to be getting out of Nacogdoches today....I was starting to get seriously stir crazy....did you know that the end of June marks ONE YEAR since I've been out of the COUNTRY?! I havent gone that long in....well....four years or yeah, stir crazy...not that going to Houston is really going to cure me...but I digress.

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