May 17, 2006

a little bit rock in roll, a little bit country

Now that I have my fantastic-computer-of-love, with harddrive space GALORE, I was able to do something reeeally fun.

Upload my sisters CDs....well...some of them anyway. And as we sprawled on my bed, listening to the beginnings of songs trying to decide which ones were worthy of being part of my itunes, I realized something:

1995-1997 I totally loved Country music...and WHY? Because, my sister did...and getting to ride in her car-the times she picked me up from school, or drove me home for swim practice....well, you just didnt get much cooler than that. So, for ever will I love Brooks & Dunn, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill and the rest, their songs bringing back such memories-and of those memories my favorite are getting to ride around in my sister's ghetto sled ( aptly named car). I mean, sure I've got other country music memories, but I bet my sister doesnt know that it started with her..

So, while I wouldnt say I'll ever be a country music fan, I now have about 30 odd songs that bring back memories at the very first note....reason 531: why I love music.

In other news, work is INSANELY SLOW today, and adding insult to injury...I just took the billing out to be mailed and its a gorgeous day outside. meh. Someone drink in some sunshine for me, please?

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