June 30, 2006

God is in the details!

So, lets recap...I was coming up on my last two days before the deadline of when I had to tell my apartment people that I was/wasnot returning next year...
I honestly didnt know what to do-I hadnt found a roommate who could commit, and I couldnt find a one bedroom apartment annnywhere.

And then I found the perfect PERFECT place...

Its practically situated in a PARK (its hard to explain, but its one of those well kept Nacogdoches secrets). My neighbors ( also my landlords) are the sweetest older couple ever, and....they have a CAT!

So, lets recap again...*I* was worried about BIG (practical) things like...timing, and MONEY ( big one) and decent applicances and plumbing-which God just took care of it one fail swoop, and in the PROCESS God gave me all the things that I wouldnt have even ASKED for:

A Huge Bedroom.
A place to store my washer and dryer ( because they already provided both).
Lovely neighbors.


I will be moving the day after I get back from New Zealand, into the PERFECT place for me ( the hunting themed bathroom aside)...GOD IS SO GRACIOUS AND GOOD.

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