June 30, 2006

lovely. good bye..

So, after an insaaaaaanely boring day at work, it finally came to an end and I took my scrubs off for the very. last. time.


Honestly, I'm not "elated" about leaving my job. Happy. But not Estatic.
Because, ultimately I really got a lot of satisfaction and joy out of serving "my doctors" everyday. I really enjoyed putting up those films..and I even had my pet studies to hang ( I loved to put up the MRI of the Brain...don't ask me why.) And in the past week, as I've trained my replacement I've gotten some secret satisfaction in knowing that I actually do my job really well! And I KNOW it backwards and frontwards.
Which is, ultimately why it was the perfect time to go.

Its so very easy to get comfortable, and God showed me that about myself several months ago, and it was a very UNcomfortable ( ha!) process of me letting go...which delightedly led to the events of the past few weeks ( God prepares!).
So, I'm leaving my comfy job.
But not without some serious nostalgia. God was so very good to give me this job waaaaay back in March of 2004. A job where I was able to sloooowly work up to full time ( because God knew I couldnt handle the real world "all at once.").
I was shown that I could handle learning things that didnt come necessarily naturally to me ( medicine? REALLY?).
It was a job where I was given PLENTY of Characters, material for SEVERAl dozen books...and I enjoyed disecting them everyday in my head.
It was a job where I literally spent my days doing what I loved the most,and at that time it was-keeping in contact with my friends ( via emails and blogs)...which helped me through that nasty "I'd rather be in New Zealand" phase.

Yes, I will look back on my days in Radiology ( hehehe!) fondly..and I'll be sure to casually mention it to my children one day, and they'll marvel at how totally weird and crazy it was that I'd EVER work in such a field.

But, isnt this just a tribute to how life is? Who would have known that this is where I'd end up? And this is where I would have gone? And where I'd now be LEAVING?
Hard to believe, hard to believe.

I probably should wait to post this "good bye" post on Sunday, which is my official last day of work...buuuut, I have a feeling I should express the sweet nostalgia now...because by Sunday I have the feeling I'll just want to get the Heck out of there! And...welll....the job does deserve a little bit more of a tribute than that!

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