June 29, 2006

I support the troops.

So, my sister called me at 4 and was like, "Why havent you blogged today?"
Well, one of the MAIN reasons is that Ive been playing teacher all day...I'm actually really enjoying showing the new radiology assistant the ropes, I feel like a proud Mommy everytime she gets something new right! :-)

But, the other major reason for the lack of post today is that I spent a heck of a long time writing a REAL LIVE LETTER. Gosh! it takes a long time to write something out by hand ( or make it interesting, anyway)!! And it takes EVEN longer to tell ALL the crazy things that have happened to me in the last three weeks! Honestly, its pretty crazy! I have one more person that I have to write the old fashion way...but they're going to have to wait until later after my hands have stopped spasming.

I'm looking at a possible apartment today. Cross your fingers, this had better be it! ( and if it IS, then we can look at how amazing God is, to give me the lead exactly ONE week to the HOUR that I found out about the horribleness of having to move! God works pretty fast!) But, I'm getting ahead of myself...first I need to get off of work. I'm just going to leave at five no matter what...I mean, what are they going to do FIRE ME!!?!

hahaaha (I'm kidding, by the way, for all of my ultra serious-no-sense of humor-readers)

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