August 31, 2006

just what we need...

Ok, so you what is something we havent done in a LONG time?! And what is also something I really NEED to do today?!


1. Johnny Cash. Honestly, made me stop crying. Thanks Johnny. ( and why dont i actually OWN any Johnny Cash CDs?!)

2. The most adorable 82 year-old ( as of yesterday!) little lady that came into my office today...she was SO energetic and HAPPY and POSITIVE. I just LOVED her!

3.Emails from Tabitha and Mel. I mean, dont get me wrong, I love emails from EVERYONE but these two never EVER fail to lift my Spirit. And THATS just priceless.

4. Unseasonably cool weather. I mean, I know it sounds crazy...that its possible for 90 degrees to be considered "cool"...but at least its not "opressive"

5. My eyes turn green when I cry. Its weird. But also kinda cool. So there's always that.

6. Arrested Developmen. Its hard for me to decide WHO my favorite character actually is...possibly Job...possible George Michael...but does it matter? they are all great.

7. Gmail chat...shhhh....nothing like talking to friends while you work.

8. Church. Man, I honestly understand why people would want to become nuns...or priests...or monks or whatever. Because, there is really a Peace there, that cannot be replicated.

9. The fact that I get Monday off from work. sweet.

10. The knowledge that..."for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye-" Zech. 2:8...its been on my fridge for the past two weeks...its probably going to stay.

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