August 15, 2006

the morning version of me.

Well, it seems the fates have come against me and I am doomed to become a FORM of a morning I was awakened by a very irritating scrapping seems my landlord has deemed it necessary to paint my garage.....and either they have VERY harsh paint brushes-or we are still at the annoying phase of scraping off the old paint. ugg.

Anywho, I finally got out of bed. defeated. and here I am in the kitchen drinking coffee.

I wouldnt mind the painting job so much if it wasnt for the "early mornings"...and the "workmen that stare".

So, anyway, here I am...and I still have a good 15 minutes before I need to think about leaving for work. Nice.

I slept well last night. First time in days. Rock ON. Who knows what it was? maybe finally getting to go to the gym again? The kidney stone decided to stop hurting. Maybe actually having Bible study go well-even WITH three new, I was seriously praying hard about that one...which reminded me how little praying I WAS doing for my girls. Honestly! Pitiful.
Or, maybe the good slee was because I was just waaaay tired. ;-)

Hey, so I gotta say, my comments on my last post-not encouraging...hahahaha! You girls! I was trying to say I DIDNT want to be the spokeswomen for singledom!! No, no, I dont mind...infact, I was talking to my sister last night ( and, you know, she's MARRIED) and she agreed with me on EVERYTHING. So I think I'll be a spokeswomen forever...its not going away. Because ultimately we're fighting a cultural battle that's existed since....ooooh Adam met Eve....and basically its not a being an advocate for being SINGLE necessarily, its being an advocate for being what GOD WANTS YOU TO BE FOR RIGHT NOW...and, well, that works all the time, in every season.
Someone did ask me to remind them of the facts, but I'm really too muddled in the mornings to review them just now-how about you just go back and read my ( rather violent) take on the rules from back in November 2005...check the second post on the 5th....I would link it, but I cant be bothered. hahaha!

Oh, man....I just re-read that post. Boy, I was ticked off that day....hahahaha! Righteous indignation. or something.

Alrighty, I'm off to work now...gotta go run by the me today people-I honestly havent gotten an email at work since I started...let's all try to remember even *I* have to take breaks from working sometimes! ;-)

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