August 21, 2006

the night I took up drinking...

So, this morning I had an IVP...which for those, like myself ( before two years ago) who dont know what that is...basically I had dye injected into my veins which then slowly filled up my kidneys and then proceeded down into my bladder...and I had pictures taken of this process ever couple of minutes.
too much information, huh?
Well, anyway, the results were good...though also bad...turns out while the radiologist ( I get personal service now! woo) saw some stoneage up in my kidney on the right side...he saw nothing at all abnormal on the left. ( which is the side that has been hurting me for the past eight or so weeks off and on).
I've officially stumped the doctors.
I've officially stumped myself...and I'm starting to seriously consider the, "its all in my mind" idea. what do you think? I'm crazy? We've always suspected as much now we'll know for certain...
Anyway, back to the doctor I go...hopefully he'll have new and exciting ways to spend money.
Last night, to prepare for my IVP I had to drink this really nasty concoction that "cleans you out".
So, to make the process of drinking the stuff "more fun"...I watched the movie Blue Crush, and took a swig of my nasty drink everytime the words "surf" "wave" or "water" were said. Turns out it really didnt help at all.
Oh well, I tried.

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