August 19, 2006

the princess story: part dos

To catch up on last week's part one

The Princess immediately headed out to visit the Fairy who had given her the magic necklace that kept her from doing anything wrong. She felt sure that there MUST be something wrong with her necklace, otherwise the magic forest woud have let her pass through.

The Fairy was not particularly happy to see the Princess, and her reason soon became evident.

"When I gave you that necklace I was a very young fairy," she explained.

"I really didnt have very developed magic yet and I honestly didnt know WHAT I was going to give you ( for all the fairies in the land were required to give a gift to every royal child at its birth) and I could barely set a spell on household objects much less do anything worthy of royalty...however, as luck would have it, on the way to the castle I came upon a shrivel up old man who was walking suprisingly quickly for someone so old.

'Were are you headed, old man? ' I said.

'Away, away, away...' said the old man.

I could tell that he wasnt in the mood for talking so we walked on in silence, until finally my curiosity got the best of me and I pressed him for more details. It wasnt long before I got his story.
He had been working for the Master ( you know, the one..the most powerful magician in the land-it was said He had ALWAYS been in the Land..if that's possible.) and had been working for Him for many years, now before I could exclaim about how exciting that must have been, and what a wonderful honor it was to work for the Master, the Old Man stopped me.

'Oh, it wasnt as great as all that, in fact, I got tired of it,' sneered the Old Man.
'I mean, I learned sooo much, and yet would the Master let me do anything? Heavens no! He always did everything fun and imporant Himself, and I honestly got tired of it. Finally, I'd had enough of his highandmighty attitude and I decided to leave. I'd learned all the important stuff, anyway. So last night, I left a "goodbye present" and departed.'

I asked him what his goodbye present was and he said he had been practicing on of the Master's most important magics and he had finally perfected it. He had then placed the magic spell on one of the Masters possessions and taken it leaving only a note saying his good riddance.

“So he actually STOLE something from the Master?!” exclaimed the Princess, who had been listening intently to the Fairy’s tale.

“Yes, infact, to be honest I think he was thinking a little less of his “bravery” the farther he walked. Which is how I came to attain his stolen treasure…”

“You…you mean…the?” studdered the Princess .

“Yes, I got that necklace for a very fair price.”

Stay tuned....

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