August 11, 2006


So, once I went to New Zealand for a whirlwind catch up was fantastic, so fantastic that I took very few pictures...and mostly the only pictures that happened where when other people took them....but since i know some people are "visual" people-here are some of the people that made my stay Perrrrrfect.

First I visited Carmi...and we spent very romatic time together, praying and shopping and watching sunsets, playing "who can say the most inappropriate thing as someone walks past on the street"....honestly, someday some guy is going to be SO LUCKY ;-)


then I went to Dunedin where I was met by my very own Carebear...."funshine"bear and I then spent glorious days in dreary Dunedin-the company was FAR from dreary however...


Emma and Lydia are always stretching me and teaching me new things...this trip included "Teach Abbey how to light a match" was tramatic, but I can now do it. whew.


I honestly think Thida got MORE beautiful since the last time I saw here...inside AND out....but unfortunately we had a hard time taking a picture that truly captured our beauty-not for lack of trying however...


Oh man! how happy I was to spend time with Tabitha, just seeing her smiling face from afar brought tears to my eyes!


of course, it wasnt ALL roses...Emma and I stood for three hours over a hot stove making pancakes from the Women's Breakfast...and of course, I burnt my finger. It was sad. But I was brave.


And the women's breakfast was totally wonderful and worth a burnt finger...once again seeing terrific people like Mel. Truly like Pancakes for the soul!


Oh, and here's a great picture that totally expresses my time in Wellington-laughter. lots of it.
Why dont I have any good pictures with Louise?! booo....

Oh...and just to wrap this up ( tired of downloading pictures)


New Zealand is still the most beautiful place in the world....


But freeeeeezing in winter! ( that's a heater that I'm straddling)

I came home and faced the real world......but not without a great deal of wonderful memories and rekindled friendships to help with the load.

The end.

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