August 13, 2006

Wifi in the kitchen...

Just last week ( I think...but honestly, I have no concept of time) I was talking to Paul about the ethics of "using wifi that isnt yours"....I dont remember what the conclusion of our conversation was-except that I am currently using "Lydsym" which currently shows up in my kitchen.

I will eventually get internet in my house ( hopefully this week) but until then...ROCK ON FREE INTERNET IN THE KITCHEN!!!!

So, church this morning: Man, do I loooooove church.

There is truly something powerful about the House of God. Whatever form that takes, a house church, a mega church...whatever. There is just something irreplaceable about being where the Holy Spirit is, with other fellow believers.

I'm not doing a good job at expressing this-so, I'll just give my example.

I didnt get to sleep last night until TWO. was noooo goooood. And the worries of this and that just seemed to accumulate above my head. All the things I'd struggled with all week-even the things I THOUGHT I'd had victory over...well, they all huddled there above my bed like a very dark dense immovable cloud.

But, as dense and immovable that cloud was in my little personal "just me" world, it was completely blown away with the course of some fellowship a beautiful sermon and hymns to life the heart.

Honestly, why do I think I can do this on my own?!
Its funny, because, I've never thought of myself as a loner or anything remotely connected to that-I mean, I think my blog is a good example of that-I'm constantly looking for the validation and the help and support of my readers ( its true...)...But, I guess in some ways my pride...and whatever else does keep me very often alone. Alone with a cloud over my head.

So here's to Sunday's and clear skies.

Blessed week dear friends, blessed week....

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