August 30, 2006

With that said...

Ok, so I think we've established many times that I'm really very good at being single...

but with that said...

I have NEVER. EVER. wanted a husband like a did tonight.

Whhhhy, you ask?!

the story:

I headed to wal mart around 8:40 tonight to pick up all the ingrediants I needed to make a really "special" cake ( and by special I mean it has all kind of weird and random things in it...and I honestly dont know HOW its going to taste good by the sound of of course I just HAD to try it...) that I am making for Billie and Steve and my family, if you know Steve, as many of you do, you'll know that its REALLY important for me to make a REALLY good cake. Not because he'd be mean if I made a bad cake...its just that you just WANT to please him so badly! ( I promise to tell you about my cake tomorrow-but for now the details remain a suprise)

Anyway, long story short I head home around 10 till 9....

take out all my ingedients...and....NOOoooOooOOo! I forgot EGGS!!!!

Back into my car....back to wal mart ( eggs are located at the VERY back of the store)....

Home again 9:15.

Start making my cake....its going well, I'm reading everything carefully...all the way to the last ingred....waaaaait...OOOOH NOOOOO! I didnt see that I needed SOUR CREAM!!?!

For half a second i thought about just skipping it...but I knew that would be wrong. And it was at THIS MOMENT that this thought came into my mind:

"wow. if only I was MARRIED. My husband could run to Wal Mart for me...."

The rest of the story is pretty much as you would expect, except that I ran past Jordan in Wal Mart this time around, I yell incoherent things at him as I passed...hopefully that made up for my rudeness ;-)

The moral of this story? Obviously, without realizing it, I was under the impression that husbands are really good for running errands at 10:30 at night. But, now that I actually THINK about it...realistically what are the odds that my husband would actually run out and get me the sour cream when *I* was the one stupid enough to forget it TWICE?! I guess if he reeeeeally loved me ;-)

One day I'm going to get my self a real live boyfriend ( hahaha) and I want you guys to remember to ask him the "hypothetical" question of whether or not he'd go to wal mart TWICE for things that *I* forgot....I think then we'll know if I have a keeper or not .

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