September 26, 2006

my black sweater...

I couldnt find it this morning...where is it?!

I really want it right about now. I've got a chill.


There are any number of things that I could write about today...any number of things on my mind.

1.For instance, I really should be stressed about Friday, which is when our big "Annual Meeting" is held...there are all sorts of things I probably should have finished and looking fabulous-but they're not. And I'm stressed to the point of not doing much..which is, you know, bad.

2.I should also continue to be semi-worried about my health...I mean, how long can a person HAVE chronic-pain without anyone telling them a legitimate answer? Apparently a long time. I'm just waiting around for my doctor's appointment on the 12th of October. And you wanna know the truth? I'm pretty much CERTAIN I'm not going to get anymore answers it bad that I'm so negative about this?

3. Last week I gave up my "singleness status". The results have been...interesting. hahaha! And I mean, interesting in a good way. But, things like how one POSTS about such things has still alluded me...actually, lots and lots of things have alluded me( once again, no one sent me the instruction manual on how to do this..and I'm pretty ticked that it got lost in the mail like that.). But, the semi-surprising thing is that I'm only SLIGHTLY worried that I dont know what I'm doing...only slightly.

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