September 10, 2006

the instructions werent included.

I wish I could some how discribe this experience of pain better....its become such an intense part of my life at the moment-and I dont feel like I'm discribing it well at all...

What amazes me the most is just how far one can really often I've reached the end of my rope only to find a little more hanging down below.

"Trust in the Lord forever, for in God the Lord, we have an everlasting Rock." ~ Is 26:4


That's a long time.

Forever covers a lot of covers good and it covers bad, it covers easy and passes over seasons and just keeps right on going. To trust in the Lord forever just ignores all the possible little hangups of unbelief that I might come upon...its just pushes on through and says that none of that has any bearing here. Instead just TRUST.

I've talked about this "season" of life that I'm in at the moment-but, did I mention how SCARY it is?! Because it IS...and I actually kinda marvel that I'm actually not AS scared-because we're talking all those things I thought about when I was kid but just assumed that when I got to them I would have also been given the "Adult handbook of wisdom" that would have all the steps in how to face such things.....well, I feel like I'm fastly approaching a WHOLE lot of those things...but

Someone forgot to send me the handbook. I have NO definitions. I have no instructions.

Instead, that verse struck me this morning, when it was read in church, I felt much much better....I dont have the trusting thing down pat just yet...but that's actually the POINT. This whole SEASON is about trusting....trusting without any idea of WHYS...or WHENS...or WHATFORS....all I've got is this Rock on which to stand...

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