September 10, 2006

Why cant we all be friends??

A while back Carmi and her friends in Auckland took a road trip to they made mixed CDs of the music that discribed their "musical lives", anyway, many weeks later I was in Auckland visiting her-and I let her borrow a book that *I* had borrowed and so in exchange for taking the book-she sent her 10 life songs CD home with me instead...

I kind of have this dream that we'd ALL be better friends if we did this little activity and made a list ( even better, make a CD!) of the songs that best discribe the journey of this life so far.. Paul has since joined in on this delightful game and I hope the rest of you will do the same!

My life as described in 10 songs, oh...and they actually arent in any particular order exactly...its just kinda how it happened...:

1. 1983- John Mayer: First of all this song HAS to be on my list just because I was BORN in 1983. ( I KNOW! Perfect!) But, also, because my “discovering” John Mayer my senior year in high school “before he hit it big” and going to his concert standing leaning up against the stage for 15 dollars…pretty much two weeks before he hit number one…..well, it was pretty much the beginning of realizing that I was actually GOOD at picking what will be popular in six months….and also, realizing that I didn’t CARE what would be popular-but instead listen to music that makes me happy…

2. Shout to the Lord-Breakaway Ministries: This song really marks the beginning of my PERSONAL relationship with God…it kind of appeared on my scene ( 1999-2001) about the same time as sorting out all the peer pressure and church stuff that anyone who’s brought up in a Christian home HAS to go through in order to stand alone in their faith ( or at least that’s how it was for me.)

3. Stuck in a Moment-U2: Any good list has to have a U2 song on it…just because I loooove U2 ( one of my life goals is to go to a U2 concert…) and this song is my FAVORITE favorite….and its pretty fitting for me, because we ALL know I tend to “dwell” on stuff.

4. Constellations-Jack Johnson: Ultimately this song HAD to be on my top ten list, just because I have this delight in the stars…always have…I am pretty sure I always will…one of the things that really solidified the fact that I would never be a “city girl”-I have to have stars.
Also, Jack Johnson is one of my musical heroes…he lives on the beach for heavensakes!

5. Lift up your eyes-Planetshakers: This song will ALWAYS be a special song for me, because It was playing the night that I heard God say as clearly as he was standing right next to me, “I just revealed myself to Thida”…so of course, I turned and looked at Thida and she was bawling her eyes out….it was one of the most awesome examples of the power of God I’ve ever witnessed It goes in my top ten life events…so of course, the song has to be there too-the song pretty much expresses the moment too, incidentally. God is in the details ;-)

6. For unto Us ( a child is born)-Handel: The whole Messiah pretty much does it for me…but this is one of my favorites. But here are all the reason’s why SOMETHING from the Messiah had to be in my top ten: I went to the Community Recital of Handel’s Messiah for my birthday for about 7 years straight. I’d dress up and go with my parents-and eat lifesavers during the whole thing…I felt SO grown up! Also, My father played it on Sunday morning for years and years-Handel mixed with Bach…that and pancakes-that WAS Sunday mornings as a child. ANNNND to continue the tradition- *I * then played the Messiah at TOP VOLUME whilest getting ready for church Sunday mornings when I lived at Carrington-I found great satisfaction in bothering my hung over residents who had kept me up the night before. ( besides, the messiah must be played at top volume).

7. Leaving on a Jet Plane-Bjork : I have since lost this particular version of “Leaving on a Jet Plane” and cant find it anywhere…I’d like it back if you know where I can get it…annnnyway, this song-whatever version-should be on my list…because travel is PART of me…whether I travel another day in my life or not…it will forever define a part of who I am. This version is important because I did listen to it as I boarded my flight to New Zealand in LA…the very first time. New Zealand changed my life forever. This song was the soundtrack to that change-however cheesy that is!

8. My Hope-Hillsong: At the very very beginning of the hardest season of my life ( to date, that is) God spoke to me through this song…it would end up defining that time in my life where EVERYTHING went against my desires, my dreams…my very hopes…but ultimately the decision was made: my hope would BE in the name of the Lord. ( Also, there had to be a Hillsong song on my top ten…it’s a quiet time staple these days).

9. Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson: Look, there is no need to bash me for having a Kelly Clarkson song on my top ten! There’s a reason…and I just so happen to like her songs…This song was playing over the airplane sound system on my flight when I left New Zealand for good. That moment-getting on that plane was THE hardest thing I’ve ever physically done. I look back and I see how it could have been easier, I could have been more obedient ( in the Spiritual sense)…yet, that wasn’t the path I took-and I learned a LOT from that…

10. Lonestar-Norah Jones: A song by Norah pretty much had to be on my top ten…I loved the CD “Come away with Me” to death….I still do. I think that it’s a “night time” CD…don’t ask me why, but its best played in the late evening/night…especially in, say, a coffee house or a nice cozy pub where live music is performed. It makes me think about talking with friends for hours and hours. So, I guess that’s why I love it. I’m a night person. I adore sitting and talking for hours. I love coffee and all coffeehouse related activities. So, Norah…thanks for representing that for me in the form of music.

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