September 25, 2006

perfect timing...

...isnt my forte. Which is why Amy is going to get her Birthday card late. But the REASON its going to be late is because its taken me a long while to get this picture copied...


I knew she really really needed a copy of this picture...circa 1998...because she would instantly feel not only PRIDE ( because we were obviously the coolest girls ever in highschool) but also RELIEF ( that yes, it was just a phase we went through...) and then DELIGHT ( in knowing that life is a million times better now) but hopefully she'll also be glad that she and I are still friends ( though we take much sexier pictures now)....because I know that *I'm* happy we're still going strong.

Of course, now Amy will get to see the picture on her actual Birthday ( which is tomorrow by the way)...instead of waiting for the United States Postal Service ( and me) to get our acts together...and the rest of you get to share in the experience-dont you just looove the internet?!

Oh, and for those of you who arent familiar with Homecoming Mums...they are traditionally given to girls at the Homecoming Football game by their date. They are usually huge...and annoying...and ugly....Of course, Meredith, Amy and I were waaaay too cool to have dates to such an organized social event. And therefore we created the Anti-Mum...complete with toliet paper, trashbags the insides of a stuff bear ( who we riped apart) and...of course a healthy dose of cynicism.

And jeans ARE shirt IS tucked in...and I DO have a sweater doing nothing around my middle...yes, thanks for asking.

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