October 11, 2006

driving season.

One of the saddest things about living in Texas is the lack of seasons. I should take that back, you get weeks here and there of autumn and spring...and you get months and MONTHS of summer and a few days of winter. But, I think I'd REALLY like to live somewhere were they actually have four distinct, equally preportioned seasons. Does such a place even exist?!

But, I didnt start all this to complain. No, instead I wanted to give major props to the weather the past few days....very fallish. And the change is MUCH appreciated.

Autumn has always been very high on my favorite list of seasons. Probably because as a small child it held conotations of my birthday- But whatever the case, I dig the pumpkins and the golds and browns..the crispness of the air, the change in lighting...I like sweaters and stockings...and since this is texas-the thought that you WONT breakout into a sweat the next time you walk outside, or that you can add soup to your options of foods without wanting to melt....and the very idea air conditioning is only an OPTION now.

In other news, I was stupid and got the dates wrong on the Shawn McDonald concert...it was last night. I'm bummed. But trying not to think about it.

I have completely and totally decided to visit my family in Cleburne Texas this weekend, baring unforseen negativeness...I need to give them a call for sure, just to let them know that they need to kick one of the many wayward children that live in the Abt house off of a couch...but other than that, I'm in DEFINITE need of "time away"...and I could REALLY use some Abt family lovin.

Does anyone else love driving longish distances as much as I do? I actually DONT like driving short distances. If, say, I have to go to the supermarket...than I'd much rather YOU drive. BUUUUUT, I totally enjoy the time one gets in the car during longer trips-where you can just turn your music up super loud and SING and PRAY and think-and have chats with God about whatever. Good times.
I just paused to think of it works with other people in the car too...and I think it does. I'm pretty sure that if I am comfortable with the other person than I could do all those things PLUS have deep/meaningful conversations + totally random conversations with the other person. Which, you know, is nice too.
But, since I was thinking in particular of this little drive this weekend I just made it into a solo drive.

Alright. I'm pretty much finished with my morning coffee off to work!

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