October 12, 2006

Miss. Complainy Pants.

BOOO! What's WITH today?!
I just havent been able to do ANYTHING right at work! :-(

I dont want to talk about it...

INSTEAD, I'm preparing for my doctors appointment today...by putting together my "pain journal". I didnt actually start putting down details until the middle of September-but lucky for EVERYONE I've been blogging FOREVER. So I went into blogger typed in "pain"...and BOOM! I have a very nicely documented pattern of painful episodes.

Isnt it nice that I overshare?! I mean, I know that I'm glad that I whine and complain so much...now I cant pretty much give my doctors DATES of the times I've been in pain.

I can see it now,

"Ummm....yeah, are you ready with a pen? Ok, here goes...June 15th through the 18th, July 11th through the 14th...August 5th...the off and on until the 15th -17th when it was really bad again and then pretty much off and on again for the rest of the month until Sept. 1st....."

Hahaha! I am SOOO sure this is going to be helpful. At least my doctor is going to be REALLY impressed with my amazing date memory skillz.

At least I'm looking cute. I'm wearing my red shoes today-because I guess, when I woke up, I could just SENSE that this wasnt going to be the best of days. Women's intution or something.

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