October 13, 2006

News just in: Good won

Yesterday was Weiiiiird.

It was the strangest mix of good and bad.
Luckily, by the time the day actually ended, good won out...but it was touch and go there for a few hours.

Quick, SUM UP! We dont have all day! So I'm just going to dwell on the GOOD and leave out the BAD...because, like I said, good won :

Doctors appointment: good. I like my doctor, she BELIEVES I'm in pain and has several suggestions of what's wrong...we've started with endrometriosis. You can google this if you arent one of the freakishly large number of medically minded readers of this blog ( I some how attract sciency people as friends...which is odd to me...but also totally helpful since I have NO SUCH talent. ) I've been pumped with birthcontrol and muscle relaxers-and I'll get back to you in a month to give some more TOO MUCH INFORMATION moments. My joke about having wild unprotected sex now that I'm on birthcontrol didnt go over well. Funny. haha

Coffee/tea with Elaine: Totally good. I delight in people who are "surprise friends"...gotta admit we were not particularly close when we knew each other back in the day, but I've had some fabulous conversations with her about subjects near and dear to my heart since. This girl has got a heart for missions, a Spirit I can easily sing along with, and ultimately she's a groovy groovy chick. I'm glad our paths cross every so often. I'm just bummed she couldnt come to church with me on Wednesday...rain check?

Bubble bath and praise music: Goooood.
This was pretty much my only option at the time-I had NO CHOICE. I was cold, I was discouraged, my neck was stiff, and I was in pain....all of these things pretty much add up to the bubblebathpraisemusic combo. And of course, it worked some wonders.

Brett: Perfect.
I try to keep my gushing to a minimum-I dont know why. I guess there is some sort of social blogging protocol ( which I probably made up myself) that I feel must be followed. Buuuut, I was reading my good friend Jordan's blog post this morning and I was like, HA! If HEEEE can do it, so can I!!! So, let me just say that yesterday did leave a nasty taste in my mouth. And I MAY have even shed a few "poor me, I cant do this" tears at some point. But, Brett has some sort of GIFT for making me feel BETTER. I cant even explain it, exactly, all I know is that I get re-delighted about how awesome he is pretty much every day. I cant stop thanking God for him.

The Word of God: ALWAYS perfect.
No matter where I am, Spiritually speaking...no matter what kind of walls I'm putting up, no matter how many douses of denial I deal out ( woooo check out the D-words!) the Word of the Lord NEVER FAILS to speak. It sheds light in all kinds of darkness. And even when it hurts... The Grace of God carries the day.

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