November 20, 2006

good enough to eat...

So, I got a great birthday present from Christa at Bible Study tonight....chocolate body wash. I smell good enough to eat right now, seriously....its amazing.

And speaking of Bible Study, I cant tell you how much I love those girls! Seriously, my heart just wells up with praise that I get to hang out with them every week....hearing their prayers and their hearts is truly the most beautiful gift. To be honest I find myself wanting the best for the SO BADLY that it hurts, and then I remember that God loves them that much more...and that HE wants the best for them even more than me....whew. Its hard to fathom!

I am posting tonight because tomorrow is going to be super busy at work...some how fitting a whole weeks worth of work into two days has very bad effects..meeeh.

I am also hoping for the best because I've been in a LOT of pain today, so much so that I almost passed out in Wal Mart, and poor Thida had to miss out on a true american shopping experience because of my lame pain and dizziness. double boo.
On that note, however, my doctor has scheduled me for surgery on the 11th of be honest, I'm not entirely sure what they are going to do...but I trust it'll make me feel better? right?!
Anyway, to be honest my biggest desire right now is not necessarily worrying about something so "far off" as surgery, but instead, I would just like to have a nice pain free birthday ( ONE DAYYYYYY!) and maybe some nice pain free time with Thida so she doesnt have to spend all her time watching me lie on my couch. Yeah, that would be nice for everyone involved. ;-)

I have to interject here to say that I SERIOUSLY smell like something you should eat. Its kinda weird to be honest, but in a really yummy kinda of a way...but also distracting. hehehe.

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