November 23, 2006

Holiday cheer...

Thanks to all the beautiful people who sent well wishes my way for my Birthday....because it was fabulous! :-)

First I have to say, shopping with Thida....always an experience. ;-) But she does know how to sniff out the bargains and so help you if you get in the way of saving a dime! hahaha!
But, by the time we were through spending a small fortune we had dinner and then had to head straight to the Imogen Heap concert...which was...woooooonderful.

We were a tad late, but came in on the opening act...which was this kid, Levi Weaver, who with the help of a loop machine was able to create quite the little one man music making machine...he's got some nice lyrics too...and while I was mildly mind was TOTALLY blown with the NEXT act: Kid Beyond...this guy started off with your "basic" beat box routine ( which for those of you who dont know, he makes sounds like drums and the like with his mouth.) and i say "basic"...because i have NEVER heard anything so fantastic...then, using a loop-box he did the cover of Wondering Stars...and it was AMAZING.

So, yes...then there was Imogen...who, I am not afraid to admit I have a TOTAL girlcrush on....she is ADORABLE...and TALENTED....and it was a total high to see her perform.

Great birthday concert...

BUT Birthday celebration was NOT over yet...because....this morning, we woke up to find that the Houston Thanksgiving Day parade went RIGHT UNDER our fact, we were stuck in Houston until it had gone by!! So Thida and I sat in a large ( rather comfy!) window seal eatting breakfast and watching a parade with the best view ever!

Yeah for a nice ending to our little birthday trip....

Now, we are home...and what I reeeeeally need is a shower so I can properly appreciate my thanksgiving foods ;-)

Thanks again for the guys are great!!!

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