November 06, 2006

Holy Monday morning, Batman!

If there was every a day where it would have been REALLY REALLY great to just...keep on sleeping, today would be it.
Its all rainy and dark outside, and in general I'm in a "sleep all day" frame of mind.

I wonder if its just me who generally feels like I dont know what I'm doing most of the time? I will say something, do something and then immediately afterwards I am praying that I havent TOTALLY messed things up! I wish my confidence would go farther than just saying what's on my mind...but continue on to the point of being OK with whatever the results of that will be...
Unfortunately, this is not the case...

Yet, this is what I find, the more I care about it, the more I have to pray for the grace of God to cover it...because the likelihood of me messing things up are high...luckily, I can rest in the fact that I've been this crazy thus far in my life, and God has somehow kept things relatively intact...He will continue to Help.

Thanks to all my lovely friends who extend grace to me every single day...I dont deserve it.

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