November 06, 2006

with extra strength protection for the working girl...

So, by midmorning I was in a serious funk. And while I could definitely identify things that were bothering me, or burdening me or whatever the case was...I just felt hopeless and weak...and I wasnt getting any work finally I just STOPPED EVERYTHING and decided to pray...And it HELPED HEAPS.

Sometimes, just praying WHILE you're doing things just isnt enough, I had to actually stop everything...

Anyway, my point is that I find that a perfect example of God. I mean, my situation didnt change, I was still me...I was still here....but it was as if all of a sudden it was "ok". Or at least I could handle life better

So, my day has definitely turned around and even though its still all rainy outside, I've decided to make the most of the soggy weather and go to Java Jacks for a Chai Latte while I plan my Bible Study for tonight. :-)
Sounds good!

And God is the only answer...and this is a commerical advertising His Grace and Mercy for helping in all kinds of Funks.

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