December 04, 2006

And you wake up...

And you think. WHOOOA. What am I doing??!

I'm officially stressed, and wondering how things are going to turn out.

So much to do, so many problems to be solved.

But, you know what? Its December...and something to look forward to is the Christmas posts that will be coming the week before Christmas. Last year, my dear friend Tabitha came up with the most wonderful idea...she sent me emails every day during the last week before Christmas-each one a small devotion of the true meaning of the Christmas season. This year I'm joining in the fun...because it was absolutely one of the greatest blessing of the last Christmas season.

Thinking back on last Christmas...when I found myself crying on my living room couch in the middle of Christmas day...the lesson for the year was to get rid of all my past perceptions of christmas...and start afresh. Because, I dont know about you...but the older you get the more you're going to face the imperfections of life. I'm going to guess that everyone reading this has SOMETHING that they're worried/stressed/mildly disturbed over. And the very commercial aspects of Christmas has given this false perception of though magically Christmas is going to mask all of those imperfections-for one whole day. But, its just not going to happen.

But, the fantastic thing about realizing that is that I now long for the true joy of Christmas a whole lot more. Time off from work,Presents, Lights, Food, Carols... even family...none of these things are really going to do it for me.
The longing for something better will never go away, but changing the avenue of where I search for the answer to my longing...that's the difference.

And that is why this Christmas season I will be trying my very very hardest to meditate on the truest meaning of this holiday and then try to share those thoughts with you...

Of course, I would love to have more than just a week's worth of mediations to, if you have something that you would like to add, shoot me an email and I'll put it on the agenda and maybe we can get started on this earlier than the 18th! How does that sound?

In other news...its my last week of work before the Big Day. WOO! One week!!! Who's excited?! MEEEEEE!
Who has a lot of work to do before then?! Meeeeeeee!

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