December 26, 2006

random events of the past...while

Post Christmas day I'm taking a moment to think about truly what a wonderful holiday it was this year! I feel truly truly blessed. So, here are my highlights in no particular order...just the order that I think of them as I lay here, trying to get out of bed...

My favorite 'Christmas party' is the one my family has with Steve and Billie ( aka. the second parents)...its pretty much tradition that we just eat Christmas treats and open little presents...but its all very low key and I always ALWAYS laugh a lot! This year was no different and we even had carolers show up at our door at one point ( thanks Yerkes!) which just added to the Christmas cheer!

In the past few days I've played countless games with Brett's family. My personal favorite was Disney Scene it! ( which I got for my Birthday! wooo!), and the best part was that Brett and Josh were freakishly good and could pick a scene from Cinderella in seconds flat. cute.

This year, and I'm not really sure why exactly, but I feel like I've gotten to spend a little bit more quality time with my parents than in the past few years. This made me extremely happy, since my parents are also some of my best friends. Eating on Christmas morning, watching The Christmas story, and hearing Papa laugh and laugh, Anna speaking in third person when she really needed to make a point, sitting by the fire until your clothes started to melt off, watching White Christmas with was truly wonderful and I treasured every moment.

Last night, we went over to the Hibbard's house to say goodbye to Nancy, who's headed back to Mexico today....I realized as I was there, that in the years there hasnt been a Christmas that I havent spent at least a little time in the Hibbard house. Only by sheer coincidence did I make it there this year, but I'm glad I did...I dont like messing with tradition. ;-)

And, to be totally honest, I've spent every POSSIBLE moment that I POSSIBLY could with Brett...who seems to have only been here a DAY and is going to leave again on FRIDAY. *sigh* time really does fly when you're having fun. And I suppose its a really good thing that Emma will be here after Brett leaves so I wont have time to feel really good and sorry for myself.

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