January 22, 2007

"How bout them Bears?"

So, we allllll know what an avid sports fan I am, so the fact that pretty much the ONLY thing that the newest superbowl lineup inspires in my mind is the quote from Planes, Trains and Automobiles I am sure says a lot.

And for those of you who are worried for me since I prematurely blogged about me POSSIBLY loosing my job, well, put your little minds to rest...looks like I'll be here watching YouTube videos for a little longer. *whew* ;-)
Honestly, I should learn my lesson and not air my silly worries on my blog-because I have wonderful readers who are inevitibly going to worry about me! Sorry, I put ya'll through so much.
But, I figure everyone is lacking DRAMA from their days... haaahahahahaha.

Seriously though, this weekend I went to two "parties"...you know needless shopping disguised as a party. Yes, that's right, I spent almost $100 on who knows what(spa items and jewelry) this weekend all because of the grand lure of friends who sell things. I have no self control! *sigh*
I am now going to promise you all, here in front of everyone, that this is IT...no more random spending of money...until...ummmm....later. *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Thank you for YOUR encouragement. I do need to remind them of exactly what you talked about...we cannot do it without Him.
I am soooooo excited about y'all coming to the meet. We should have room for you both in our room if you are coming on Friday. And, you probably won't see much Cleburne swimming if you are only here on Saturday...but, we'll take what we can get. Love you.

Aunty D

Bing said...

Hey, how's it going? Just catching up on the blogosphere. Glad you still have a job to watch Youtube on.

Oh yeah, love the blog's new look. Very classy.