February 10, 2007

and that's what I'm talking about!

So, I finally left my apartment at ten till seven this evening. And I'd had the most lovely relaxing day at home! its just WONDERFUL when you dont have to leave for anything!!!

Things I did today:
"deep" cleaned my kitchen. Now its all spotless and we'll see how long that lasts....I suppose I could just NOT cook...that would probably keep it nice for a while. ;-)

cleaned out my closet...this was actually QUITE the task, since, apparently I've lost various amounts of weight over the last six months or so, and so I've got about three different sizes in my closet at once. This meant that I had to go through every single item. try it on...look at myself in the mirror and decide whether it was actually WORTH wearing...or if I was just kidding myself, because I had spent money on said item and didnt want to give it up just because it was all baggy and gross looking. hehe.
Thus the pile of clothes on my bedroom floor that need a new home. meh.

I watched many many episodes of ER. which were made a good ten million times better by the bouquet of red roses that now live next to the TV ( have I mentioned lately that I have the bestest boyfriend in all the world? Well, I do, I just try not to rub it in...) that I get to look at every so often.

I got Kristy's bed all clean and ready for her. The single bed sheets had been living on top of the washing machine since Emma left but today they finally WENT into the washing machine! And now her bed looks very inviting....so inviting in fact that its going to be difficult not to take a nap on it or something in the next few days. ;-)

So, there you have it.....Saturday's like this do not happen often enough anymore and so I have fully delighted in this one.

Tomorrow's Sunday. Brilliant.

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