February 11, 2007

A small tip for the future.

So, you really shouldnt listen to the song, Far Away when you're hormonal and your boyfriend lives on the other side of the country...
and did I mention that I was hormonal and the song has the line, "I miss you,
(you've) Been far away for far too long..."?!


You'll cry. And feel really sorry for yourself.

So, take my word for it....wait and listen to that particular song when you AREN'T hormonal...and your boyfriend lives next door ( or something).

The End.


Paul James said...

ummm, I'll keep that in mind?

Christa said...

Aww. Im sorry. I cant really sympathize WITH you but I can sympathize FOR you! But cheer up deary! Like I always say"at least you have a special someone." ; ) Well there I have said it.. I love you Abigail!