March 26, 2007

the life and times...

So, this is one of the reasons I have a blog ( which sometimes I need to be reminded of since, my blog ALSO gets me in all sorts of trouble. meh)....
But, I just got off the phone with the Pine Creek Lodge people, and they had a cancelation! We've got ourselves a reception!

Really, even though I've cried four times today ( I blame it on my cold)...I've still been continually reminded of God's provision.

Did I tell you that the infamous Paul James offered to pick Brendan up from the airport and deliver him to Nacogdoches?! Honestly, I've got the best friends ever.

And to all those people that told me what a catch I got...believe me I know....Brett is wonderful.

And just so you know...I'll be in bed from now on....I feel down right miserable....I've got water bottles, telephones, and the second season of ER to nurse me back to health. hope it works, I've got a board meeting and an international guest tomorrow.

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Lyds said...

Boo... I know how you feel. I just came home early to rest up as I have a cold too =(