March 04, 2007


Honestly, in the last twenty-four hours ( well, more like the last 12 hours of the last twent-four) I have FOR SERIOUS used all my communication resources minus some smoke signals ( because of the fire ban) to track down various beloved Folk in the hopes of telling them one of the greatest, most fantastic stories of ALL TIME.

But, let me just tell you, communication in the telecommunications sense has FAILED ME.

So, I then remembered my darling blog that has kept me in close contact with my beloved friends for years now, and so I have not written down my fabulous story in the hopes that beloved, will read it until I can actually get ahold of you on, say, a telephone or some other more desirable form of feedback..

So, yesterday morning ( saturday) I was like all lazing out on my
couch like I always do on nothing-to-do-really saturdays...and my
sister calls ( because we had planned to go for a run).

Anna: So, are you dressed?
Abbey: Ummm....NO....of course not. Why would I be dressed?
Anna: weeeelllll...I think we should go out for lunch instead of going
to work out.
( now you might think that sounds suspect since she's essentally
trading exercise for food...but you dont know anna and I until you
realize this is a COMMON occurance.)

Abbey: Um, ok...
Anna: So, I'm coming over, so GET DRESSED...BRUSH YOUR TEETH.

So, I'm slightly annoyed because she's being slightly pushy and I've
got all the time in the world, but I decided that i will leasurely get
ready for the day...and I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth when
Brett calls.

( Now, Brett had gone to Dallas for just one day for a friends I wasnt really planning on hearing from him, but

Brett: What are you doing?
Abbey: Brushing my teeth ( yes, I'm honest.)
Brett: So what are you doing today?
Abbey: ( goes into a long involved monologue, a clever one I'm sure,
about my day with Anna.)
-Brett waits patiently for me to finish.
Brett: So do you have time for me today?
Abbey: Umm sure.
Brett: Well, I'm down the road right now....are you decent?
Abbey: NO. ( honestly, I pride myself on looking the SAME all the know morning through to night...I have the same disheveled
look about me so that there isnt ever a huge difference...but, as fate
would have it, on this particular day I was looking WORSE than

But, Brett gave me like FIVE MINUTES and in that five minutes I went
from crap to craptastic ( this is my you'll just have to
believe the creative license)

So, Brett shows up at my door and I'm totally touched that he'd drive
all the way from his friends wedding thing to come see me-which is
HONESTLY all that I thought was going on...
But, yeah, Brett is acting strange...and not strange in that "Abbey is
looking oddly craptastic today" kinda of a way...but more in a "there
is more to this than a popin visit sorta a way."

So being the poliet girlfriend that I was, I sat down on the couch and
waited for him to collect himself...meaning he starts running around
my apartment ( not running, but metaphorically speaking).
He produces a towel from my bathroom...and after some serious
waiting....a bowl of water from the kitchen.

-I must interject here to say that even ME...being totally
SLOW...kinda knew that things had taken a serious turn...

So, Brett sat me down in a chair and proceeded to read from John about
Jesus washing the disciples feet....and then he read from Ephesians
about the husband being the head of the wife just as Jesus is the head
of the church....

( and while Brett was reading this I was trying hard to take it all
in, and at the same time not cry.)

And then Brett washed my feet. And then he asked me to marry him.
And I said yes.

So, now, my dear friends. I am getting married. And not in the
hypothetical sense but in the REAL LIFE I am getting married kinda

Im crazy HAPPY


Angela Janisch said...


Anonymous said...

Well, posting it on the blog will definitely get the message out there to the public. Now, you just need to change your Facebook relationship status...;)

And, is this going to become a "wedding blog" for the next few months? You know, will we be subject to hearing about your color choices and such? Because I might be skimming at that point. (haha)

Seriously, I love you and am happy for you! :)


Kali Shanti said...

yes! i'm thrilled for you. i had hoped to see this coming... and what a wonderful way to propose. :) Very happy for you.

aggierudy3 said...

I actually just went *outloud* "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!" I am so excited for you and Brett. Perhaps I can see you over Easter weekend to tell you in person how happy I am for you?

Christa said...

I AM happy for you. Though it might not have seemed that way. Congradulations.

Anonymous said...

fatefully I decided to start my morning by reading your blog today and you nearly gave me a heart attack! congratulations!!!!!!!! Brett is endlessly fortunate :-P

Bibs said...

and after mel TOLD me..i HAD to come read it too!! lol...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Very happy for you :)

Pierre-Etienne said...


Tabitha said...

That is the best proposal that I've ever heard of! This is so exciting!

Paul James said...

I leave town for a weekend and you go and get all engaged and stuff... I just got BACK from a wedding - and it was beautiful - I nearly cried - and I hope I get an invite to YOUR wedding so I can nearly cry at it too!

Congratulations Abbey!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! Congratulations!!!!

quirky said...

Congratulations, abigail!!!

Hung said...


That's the sound of the domino effect happening. You're only the third girl since January That I know of from the old Nac crowd to get engaged.

I went to seven weddings last year, and while this year probably won't be so eventful, it looks like 2008 is setting up to be similar. It's all happening again.

All joking aside, my deepest congratulations to the two of you. You guys are so darn cute together.

Doug was just asking me the other day after we found out about Leila's engagement, "Who do you think is next?" I'm sad to say we totally missed the mark on this one, but probably should have seen it coming.

*Goes to the store to buy more wedding-themed wrapping paper*

Bing said...

Wow, that is a fantastic story! Congratulations to you both.

Does this mean a mass Cutting Edge trip to Texas?

Brian, Amy, Garrett, Gavin, Grant and Penny said...


Justin said...

Wow that’s fantastic! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww Abs!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is a great story to tell your grandchildren definitly!! I wish you both the best!! Nancy Cotton

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful engagement story...I already love Brett!! Aunt Donnave

Monica said...

Oh my goodness! This is SUCH EXCITING news! I am so very happy for you guys and cannot wait to see as God continues to bless each of your lives. Give each other a congratulatory hug!
-Monica (hehe...Brett's friend from TCU that lives in Dallas!)

Anonymous said...

I join Hung in wishing you congratulations and hanging my head in shame for not seeing this one coming. ;-)


Stacey said...

WOW! Congratulations! Anna sent me to your blog to read all about the big news!!!! I am SO excited for you both. And I loved the way you told the story! Your blog is totally entertaining, so I will become a regular on here! I pray that all the planning will go smoothly and that your wedding day will go off without a hitch! I'm just thrilled for you!!!!

crumbshappen said...

I love you. And you don't know me and this sounds creepy. But that is possibly and the more I think about it DEFINITELY is the most perfect engagement story I have ever heard. :) Thank you for sharing.