March 26, 2007

clouds, a chance of rain.


I have a nasty cold. Which makes me want to cry. I feel so useless and unproductive. And I feel like my best effort is not good enough.

Oh, and its official....every place in the WORLD is booked. I have no place for a reception for 300 people on July 14th. Someone find me a hole...I'd like to go take a nap in it.


Brett said...

Your best effort isn't good enough, my Love. That is why Jesus came!

Update to Comment readers: the Pine Creek Lodge's July 14th reservation isn't set in stone, so we're praying the folks with the reservation cancel!

aggierudy3 said...

There's always Pecan Park...I used to want to have my reception there.

I'll be praying for something to open up. God can be trusted with all the details of your wedding day.

Anonymous said...

Pine Creek Lodge, oh joy. Haha. I've been wanting to spy on that place.

-You Know Who