April 30, 2007


So, I just wanted to share this story, that on retrospect is actually quite boring, but its been my day so far, and I feel like complaining..

I get to work to find that my "all important electric outlet" ( as in, its the only one close enough to plug in my computer, printer, internet modem) had blown a fuse. I went to the office to report it. I went back to my office and waited for a repair man, and looked for an extention cord to no avail. I waited some more and decided it was stupid to wait on a repair man. I then went to Wal Mart to buy an extention cord, where I waited in a line of two people for FIFTEEN MINUTES because the guy checking us out was the slowest, most annoying man in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. He would actually STOP checking out items to talk to the lady he was checking out....four little containers of baby food took ten minutes. It took every single ounce of self control not to go totally crazy on that dude. I know...how horrible of me. Anyway, I FINALLY returned to my office where I realized that the extention cord I had bought for $3.58 was a TWO pronged extention cord and I needed a THREE pronged extention cord....I then said "Shooting Stars!" Or some other "s" word...and at that moment the repair man showed up and as I was crouched there on the floor looking at that extention cord. He then did something that took approximately 3 seconds and my outlet was back in business....only an hour after work SHOULD have begun.
Yes, my attitude has been entirely lacking thus far today. Honestly, can I get a redo?


Brett said...

Is it wrong that I wish I could have been there to see this rather funny episode? I hope you won't hold it against me my Love, but that sounds like it should have been in a sitcom. ;)

Anonymous said...

i am telling you, abbey. you are the only one who could write "The Adventures of Ninny and Twitty"!! Aunt Donnave