May 01, 2007

let them eat cake!!!

DISCLAIMER: Do not read this post if you are in New Zealand or if you are not up to date on the third season of Grey's Anatomy...I will be spoiling surprises. :-( Sorry, Em.

So, once again I hate writers of televisions shows....on last week's Grey's Anatomy one of the minor story lines revolved around everyone trying various types of cake to decide what kind of cake should be for Dr. Burke and Christina's wedding...

This does not happen in real life. Why is it that television/movie writers insist upon pretending that it does. I think I'm mostly upset because I love cake so much and I just WISH I had fifty teeny tiny cakes that I just had to eat because a choice needed to be made.

On second thought, there is no room for "growth" in my wedding probably fifty cakes would be a bad matter how teeny tiny they were.

In other news, I'm totally coveting Brendan's new has a camera BUILT in and we took pictures of ourselves today with various lenses that make you look all worped, like in one of those circus mirror houses or whatever...and it was SOOO much fun!! I have NO need for a new computer...but maaaaaan, it was so shiny! It was so fabulous! *sigh* I need to get those pictures from him, the picture of Anna was so funny I laughed till I cried.

My day is really dragging by for some reason...its only 1:15! I wish I had something profound to talk about! May be more later..


Em said...

...there should be a warning to not read your post if you live in NZ...cos we HAVENT yet found out that chrsitina and burke are getting married!!!!


Abigail said...

I am SOO SORRY!!! I'll add a disclaimer...try to just forget it Em...meeeh. :-(

Carina said...


Im glad they sorted things out, they are the hottest cross-cultural couple on TV these days.

I wonder if their babies will look like Paul?

Abigail said...


Abigail said...


Paul James said...

So I guess interracial couples will be the next new fad - my parents were WAY ahead of the curve :-)