April 27, 2007

check check double check

So, yes, I DO actually read my own blog every now and again...mostly to remind myself where I've been and where I'm going...yeah I'm a dork. Deal with it.

Anyway, tonight I ran across this particular gem...and after reading the ending paragraphs I was relieved to realize that I had infact found someone who really DOES fit my "relationship criteria" and that I had not compromised in any way.

AND I'm marrying Brett in less than a year of that post....I'm pretty sure there is a hidden lesson to be learned here, but honestly the only thing I could think of to say was, "way to go Abigail, way to bag a total HHB See Carmi's blog for definitionPLUS the whole "literary nerd" thing! Yessss!"

Good one God, good one.
Yeah. There is definitely something to be said for that. :-)

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Stacey said...

HHB! You crack me up!