May 02, 2007

I'd give it a 6.5

I've been rating my pain for the day in my journal....have done pretty well thus far, the highest I've gotten was a five-and that was only for a short while.
However, right now, I'm totally feeling this 6.5 jabing into my lower back. I dont really feel like moving.
I need to leave for church in about five minutes. meeeh.

Let's see how much I can say in five minutes to keep my mind off it...

Today has been busy. Tomorrow will be busier. The next day I get to pick Brett up from the airport. Super!!! So, I guess I shouldnt complain about the busy-ness.

I should probably do more work at work than I've been doing lately, today I worked whilest watching Gilmore Girls ( what? I'm a great multitasker!!) Anyway, I totally cried. Which was probably unprofessiona, but if YOU saw Tuesday night's episode you would know why I cried!! ( And no, I wont tell you anything to ruin it, I think I've learned my lesson from yesterday)
FYI, I think Emma forgave me.

In other grand news, did you know that postal prices are going up in about a week?! Did you know that I haven't mailed wedding invitations yet?! Fab-u-lous. But, I'm definitely getting closer. Much much closer. Here's hopin I make the cut off.

I should go to church now. Wish me luck.


Carina said...

just so you know...Dr Burke just proposed to Christina and I was like...WHATEVER! I SO saw that coming!

Christa said...

Where were you last night? I missed you!

Abigail said...

Obviously I didnt make it to church, had to listen to John Piper sermons instead. meh. stupid pain.