May 22, 2007

now and laters

So, I read Tale of Two Cities in the gyno office this afternoon. Its a good thing I remembered to take a book because I hate how doctors are the one "business" in the world who you make an "appointment" with and you are expected to show up on time, but they on the other hand then make you sit for an hour. So. Annoying.

Today, was dreadfully dreary. In a big way. I rained for most of the day meaning I... A) couldnt go for a run this morning. and B) I fell asleep on my lunch break.


So, back to Tale of Two Cities. Gosh, its great...I love the deliberate way that Dicken's writes. I like the way he is constantly repeating things, he'll repeat a word over and over again in the space of a paragraph, creating the most lyrical writing style. I loooove it....I think I'll collect a few examples and post them on my blog. You know, to really bore my blog readers. ;-)

I'm currently watching Dream of an Insomniac...
I'm currently listening to "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake
I'm currently talking to Carmi on Gtalk
I'm currently eating Now and Laters.


Bing said...

I think you should eat now and laters whilst waiting for the doctors. That would kill a whole lot of time.

I would do that for my practice, but y'know... diabetics and lollies and other badness.

Janis said...

Have you read Our Mutual Friend, Dombey and Son, and Bleak House? They are the ultimate!

katie said...

I KNOW ITS TERRIBLE. and they dont have anything to read in that office other than terrible disease pamphlets. awful... hey what happened to our plans last night? mehhh

Brett said...

I get to marry you in seven weeks!!!