May 24, 2007

obligatory appearance

So, I'm at work for an hour and then I'm leaving to go shopping in Houston.

I dont exactly remember how I justified this in my mind, but I remember it being good, and legit. So there.

Oh, I remember now, it had a lot to do with the fact that Brett is coming into town tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 6am. ( I wasnt about to get up at 3:30am to go drive to houston to retrieve him.) So, going the day before seemed the way to go...

As for the shopping, that was just implied.

Man, I feel like I havent blogged in forevers. I had to actually go back and read my past post which, was only two days ago...but hey, apparently it wasnt very memorable. :-)

I'll tell you what's going to be memorable: Memorial Day Weekend ( nice segway, huh?)
Yes, this weekend is going to be crrrraaaaaazzzzy. We've got pictures to take, weddings to attend, counseling to soak in, graduations to live through, families to visit...its gonna be great. But, busy so let's just all take a DEEP breath before the plunge...

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Carina said... that was written on the 24th...and today is the 29th (or the 28th where you are)...and you STILL haven't blogged? Not even ONCE a day, nevermind MUTLIPLE times a day.

Are you...OK?