May 30, 2007

the picture perfect family

My title has not relevence to this post, I was just trying to incorporate the two things I wanted to talk about today...

First off, I didnt work this morning, because, (drumroll) I was getting my bridal portraits done! Woo!! Such fun, and I'm pretty sure it will be MORE fun once I get to SEE them!
But, it was fun to be in my dress for a longer period of time ( although, its hard for me to BREEEEEEATH while it in.) and feel all "bride-y". It was also delightful to have my very own talented father take my pictures ( although he spent the whole time saying how bad he was doing...)-we all know how super talented he is and I dont know why he goes to all the trouble trying to convince us otherwise. It doesnt work.;-)
In fact, the whole picture taking process was a family affair with my mom and my sister and future mother-in-law all being supportive and helpful while I stood very still and tried not to make too many of my trademark "wrinkled up nose" faces. ( honestly, why do I do that?!).

So, in the spirit of thinking about family and after reading Aunt Donnave's blog commenting about the wild and crazy ways of the "Abt Family"...I was thinking about how interesting it is to bring a new person into ones family, it really makes you conscious of the things that make you quirky.
However, for better or worse, I think my family is totally fabulous. I mean, to me, things like the fact that my mother dropped chicken juice alllll over the kitchen floor when my parents had Brett's parents over for dinner...( see?! I get my dropper gene naturally!!!) or how my father told inappropriate ( in my opinion) yet funny stories to entertain everyone...well, to me that's delightful because I see myself in my parents. I absolutely come by all my crazy quirks fair and square. And that makes me happy.
It also makes me happy to get to know Brett's family and to find out all the little things that makes them tick. To realize that I have now been doubly blessed by having two wonderful Godly sets of parents. How does that even happen?!

I also think about Maggie ( my cousin's future wife) who will not only have to get use to the wild and crazy ways of the Abt family, but she also has to get use to the wild and crazy ways of Americans! ( she's from China)...whew! I think I WOULD normally be worried, but then I remember she's marrying obviously, she must have a little bit of wild and crazy in her already. ;-) Which is how I similarly think about Brett...On the outside he seems "mild mannered clark kent"...but is he reeeeeally?!
And that's what I look forward to my family seeing, ALL of the many hundreds of thousands of reasons why I love him.
It could take a while.

But, that's the great thing about family...once you're in it, you've got the rest of your lives to continue to learn about each other!


Brett said...

I can't imagine a family that I would rather be marrying into. And I can't wait till I get to see you in that dress!!! Ryan is so stinkin' lucky to get to see Maggie in hers! Can't we be Chinese for a day? Just one. I get to see you in your dress and then we go back to being American and we pretend I never did. Please!?

Bing said...

I can totally see your family doing that. I know its been said a million times, but you write really well. And I really enjoyed that post, it bought back lots of funny memories.