May 31, 2007

say Whaaaaaat?

So, the past few days Brett's been writing these PIECES OF LITERATURE in the form of emails in the early ( aka. 9am) hours of the morning. I mean, they make you want to cry and I'm pretty sure if you could read something out loud to stop war and poverty...I'd pick one of Brett's emails to read and it would do the job. But, of course there is one teeny tiny problem with these fabulously perfect emails. I seem to be completely struck without words once I read them.
I sit here at my computer and I look at my computer screen, and then I look around the office to see if anyone is there so I can brag a little bit about what a total CATCH I got...and of course, my office is empty. And so I sigh. And I think. Wow. How do you reply to something like that?!
And I get nothing. Or worse, I get something that is really really lame and not at all worthy of a reply to a Perfect Brett Email.

Its really awful. I mean, I'm KNOWN for being a communicator. I talk all the time! even when I'm not suppose to! And I've gone through phases ( phases that have since been taken over by Carmi the super blogger) of posting multiple times a day on my blog!!!
But, I suppose we can look at this as some sort of wonderful miracle of love:

Abigail has finally been struck dumb! It is truly a romantic moment to be relived again tomorrow!!


Esther said...

My thoughts precisely . . . anyone who can amaze Abigail so much that she cannot speak (or write even) must be the one meant for her.

Brett said...

wow... no pressure now... :)

Em said...

i often leave abigail speechless - but not for romantic reasons (most of the time anyway)'s usually cos i've offended her =)