July 01, 2007

one day...

things will slow down and I'll have time to really and truly give you a blog post you can be proud of, but, until then just know that as of yesterday it is TWO WEEKS until the wedding, I have TWO international visitors living with me right now, and TWO more wonderful people coming in on Tuesday...oh, and I still have a lot of things left to do.

Went to Jordan and Heather Yerkes wedding yesterday. It was really great. But, of any wedding I've ever been to, it was the first one where I was thinking about my own wedding waaaaay more than I was about theirs ( sorry guys!). However, it was kinda nice having it so close to when mine is because I got to talk to a lot of people that I KNOW I wont get to spend as much time talking with at my OWN. So that was nice :-)

Em and Lyds are watching a movie with my parents downstairs. I've been talking to Brett on the phone. I suppose I should go down and join them now.

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Katie said...

woowoooo im so exited for you abigail. when do i get to see your friends?