August 15, 2007

another day, another post

So, I PROMISED I would post more, so here I am with nothing interesting to tell you, except that I successfully got vehicle registration from the Department of Defense....the ol' taurus can now frequent any military base it wants to. so there.

The other exciting things I did today include:
I bought a Brita filter....for the faucet. How UPSCALE is that!?! I know, I was shocked at the luxury too. But, I thought, what the heck it was 5 dollars off...

Ironically, I told a possible-friend-candidate ( as in, I like her...but will SHE like ME?! ) that I would help her sort out her budget.
I'm going with the mantra "what you can't do. teach."

Other than that, I am trying desparately to find season 5 of ER. I mean, I could buy it on Amazon but that would take a while to get. I need instant gratification. My husband is still gone.

I can't even talk to him. Apparently "the field" is in some sort of cell phone void. I'm not complaining. I promise. I realize that sometime very soon Brett will be gone for a LOT longer than 3 days...and I plan to really save up my crying time for then. So, yeah.

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Stacey said...

Have you tried looking at the library for season five of ER? I know our library carries amazing things like that. I always check the library first if I want something. We have a really great library system here in Toledo, I have NO idea if you do! Just a thought!