August 12, 2007

next week=devotion to blogging.

On Friday afternoon God took very good care of my mental health by sending me two phone calls from Carmi and Thida...both a surprise. It a miracle they called when they did because Brett didnt get home until 8:30 on Friday night...and...well....that's sad.

So, anyway, this weekend has been busy and difficult at times-Brett will be gone for three days next week, out on the field ( I'm actually not even sure what this means, except that I suspect its like glorified camping and I dont get to see Brett....but who knows, my perception might be off a tad. ;-) And Brett had to spend most of yesterday working on his Arabic lessons that he needed to catch up on.

Yes, the army is taking a lot of getting use to...I mean, I guess I KNEW that it would be pretty all consuming, but I didnt really GRASP that fact fully until now.

SooOOooo...I decided to take the job at the coffee shop. I prayed about it, Brett prayed about it...and finally I just decided that the only negatives were very much on the "what if" side of things, and therefore if things DO end up not working out, I'll just quit. After all, its not like me quiting would hurt my career options. ;-)

So, I'm starting my training on Monday. I'm pretty excited about it. Hopefully, I wont be a TOTAL dork on my first day and drop too many things. ;-)

Last night, I made waffles for four boys. I even made HOMEMADE BLACKBERRY SYRUP.
It was fun to have people over, and I realized I get extreme satisfaction from feeding people. Its odd.

So, next week I've decided to make it a point to blog every day...I mean, sure, its not the same when you dont have constant internet access and therefore can blog when the mood strikes you, but I feel a great need to keep in contact with my blog readers. I've neglected you, but I will try my best to change my ways.


Louise said...

Yay for regular blogging! I've missed you :)

Paul James said...

I remember when I was growing up and my dad had to go "to the field" at seemingly random times. All I can remember is my dad laying out all of his "army stuff" (that's the technical term) in the living room - it was like the camping section at wal-mart except everything was olive drab. Maybe that had something to do with him never wanting to go camping.

Best of luck with the new job! Be sure to post all of your new coffee making secrets.

Anonymous said...

I know you miss your man and it is has got to be hard. There are so many adjustments. I will pray for you this week.

Congrats again on the job and I hope it is a blessing and a joy.

I can totally identify with the satisfaction that comes from feeding people. My mom always said, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

Tim loves it when I have a nice hot meal waiting for him when he comes home. It helps that he is not picky...although our son is another story...
Happy Cooking!

Anonymous said...

Feeding people rocks!! I need to start blogging again.(I've been working 50 hour weeks and weekends, long story, but let's just simply say I asked for a demotion and now I'm working my old job and the job I asked to be moved to. That all ends on Thursday when I am officially replaced and go part time, yay!!!).

I'm glad you took the job, you're right, if it interferes you can just quit. Congrats!!
Katie M

Stacey said...

Giiiiiirl, I remember those early days of marriage... We got back from the honeymoon, and I'm living in Wisconsin (of all God forsaken places!), Josh has gone back to work, and I was working part time. I felt a little depressed just because of all the changes and the fact that the excitment of the wedding and honeymoon was over. We had to face the real world of work and not much time together! Hang in there! After all these unpleasant adjustments, life will get better! Ask God to send you a dear friend (if he hasn't already). I had NO dear friends the first 4 years of marriage and that made it difficult for me to get out of my "funk." Plus I had two children in that time period which didn't help either!!! Haha! Praying for you! Thanks for letting me read your blog! I highly enjoy it.