August 29, 2007

slow day.

There is now an edit at the bottom of this postI bet you never thought I'd come to this, or rather, I never thought I'd come to this.
Writing my blog on a paper bag more commonly used to put scones and other baked goods in 'to go'.
However, the last few days I've found that no matter how tired I am, at night as I am trying to fall asleep I compose blog posts in my head instead of sleeping. Annoying.
This just proves the therapeutic value of writing.
Not that it needs proving.
It proves we need internet, internet that isnt being scammed from neighbors and therefore is available in more than just the corner of the bedroom. The corner that Brett sleeps in, therefore making late-night blogging impossible.
Yesterday I bought the first season of Heroes. I've been super excited about this day ( the day it came out on DVD) since I saw the first episode on the internet many months ago. Then followed months of avoiding plotlines and waiting for the creators to finally put the season on little round disks, cleverly packaged, so I could see it all, from the beginning without interruptions. Needless to say, yesterday had been highly anticipated.
And after watching two episodes, Brett had to admit my excitement had been justified.

We had to stop watching after two episodes because we had "D" -a fellow literary enthusiast -over for dinner. It was great fun talking to him over homemade Thai food and snickerdoodles ( they turned out just like the picture! WOO!).
D is the most interesting comination of fascinating classical education, a lifetime of reading book after book as well as the experience of now being an enlisted Army Ranger. With his unassuming, extremely quiet voice-you'd never guess this as a guy who talked about Dante AND wanted to one day take advantage of the lucrative practice of smuggling precious gems out of the middle east.
As we talked to him, I couldnt help trying to imagine him in the middle of a battle often the Army surprises me. Or, at least, the people in the army surprise me. There is definitely a lot more to it than what is on CNN. Or Fox news. These are real live people. All sorts of people.
So there's that.

I've also been meaning to bring up the book I just finished reading on Friday, "Jane Austen: Life and Letters". The book is fascinatingly uneventful-as was Jane's life ( this brings me to a side point of recommending you NOT go see the movie out in theaters called "Becoming Jane", even though I haven't seen it-It is obvious that it grossly ignores the truth and instead scams off all of her novels for its plot line. Disgusting. ) Instead this book gives you the bare facts as well as letters between Jane and, mostly her sister, along with a few other people to give you a pretty in depth look at her life. I was delighted that her letters ( as well as, interestingly enough those of her correspondence) were so incredibly close to the way all the characters in her books talked that I realized I should not hope for grandeur. If I ever end up being published, you better believe its going to sound JUST like this blog!!!
Anyway, the book was fascinating, if not incredibly dry and probably only to be enjoyed by the nerdy. Yet, I loved the relationship between Jane and her sister Cassandra. It made me miss my sister so much!! And at the end of the book, as I read the final letters of Cassandra's accounting Jane's death to another well loved family member-I cried.
It was SO beautiful and touching! And I felt like I had just lost a friend too.
Oh, and I cried in the coffee shop during my break. So yeah, there's that too.
Edit: I am basically just telling you WHEN and WHERE I cried over the death of Jane Austen, not that I cried on my break at work on TOP of cry over Jane Austen....yeah, I know, my writing skills pretty much need editing, maybe THAT will be the difference between the blog and my future book. editing.


Carina said...

Why did yo cry in the coffee shop? Did you break the smoothie machine again?

I would read a book if it sounded like your blog. As long as it had me in it. Somewhere. I would read it. And you have the permission to make me more interesting than I really am.

Briana said...

I know! It's so frustrating! We had it all figured out. We would have it every other tuesday, and then, my boss tells me I have to work on tuesdays soooooo. Yeah, that was the only day All of us were free. It stinks big time but we are still going to try next semester and constantly try to figure out what we can do.

I heard you got a job at a coffee shop! That's delightful!

My goodness just when you think life can't possibly get any more hectic, it does.

How do you like your new life? I'm sorry I haven't been better about keeping in touch thus far. I will try to do better. Really I will.
I miss you too!
Much love.

Tabitha said...

I also refuse to watch Becoming Jane, and for the same reasons. It annoys me that some people seem to be unable to accept that she could write what she did without having had experience in these matters.

christa said...

I miss you! I would dearly love to take you shopping right about now.