August 13, 2007

morning start

So, this morning as I was driving back from dropping Brett off at the gate ( we havent gotten my car registered yet because you cant just have the registration sticker on the car, you have to have some sort of paper too! Thanks for being difficult, Army, thanks.) at 5:45am I decided to become a morning person.
In fact, I was pretty sure I was 90% there as it was.
Criteria to being a morning person:
1. Be awake in early morning hours. ( check)
2. Speak in sentences during early morning hours, not including grunts or snarls ( check, check)
3. Actually get out of bed and do something worthwhile (check, I got up, had a quiet time and drove )
4. Be cheerful.

Yes. It was the last one that got me. I was definitely not cheerful. But, I DO think that 3 out of four isnt bad!!!

And I think I was mostly not cheerful because my stomach is upset. BOO!!! I'm blaming the chinese food, cupcakes and wine that I had last night

( dont judge, when pretty much the only person you know has been doing Arabic lessons for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT and you've watched TEN episodes of ER and written FIVE thank you notes...YOU'D make extra huge cupcakes and drink the last two glasses of wine while doing so, too!)


Today, I start my job at the coffee shop. I've been mildly surprised by some of the responses I've gotten from people about taking this job. Mostly, the ones that urge me not to take it unless I can move up to middle management really soon, and own the company by the end of the year.
HEEELLLOOOOO! Do you know me at all?! I dont WANT to own a coffee shop ( or even RUN one!!) . I want to work in one, I want to talk to the people without having to worry if the staff is getting their paychecks, or if someone paid the rent....its just like Carrie Weaver on ER. She got the head management job that she always wanted and then she hardly got to practice medicine anymore....

I cant believe I just used ER as my example...


aggierudy3 said...

What is it with people's management obsession? Jason and I plan on living in America for about a year before we move overseas to pursue our missionary careers - what I consider our "real" jobs. So we just needed filler jobs, right? Not according to some. What if we stay in America? Why not start now climbing the ladder? Bah. Instead of working an entry level job he hates, Jason's going to work at a landscaping company and I'm going to teach 1/2 time in a private school. And I love the simple life, even if we don't get to boss people around.

Becs said...

I give you bonus points for applying lessons from ER to real life. Have fun at the new job, and don't let people's comments about the status fo the job (that's really why people suggest you should be a manager I suspect) get to you. After all, a woman's place is clearly in the home, so she shouldn't spend too much time getting attached to the career path;o)

Becs said...

In case it doesn't actually go without saying, the "woman's place is in the home" line was meant to be humourus (I can't spell that in NZ or US english) and DOES NOT reflect my world view.

Paul James said...

I know a guy at my church who used to pitch for the Angels in the 90's, has a master's degree in theology and loves his current job as a barista at Starbucks.

Pierre-Etienne said...

Humourous or humorous, both can work. I'll teach you your own language, becs :P