September 18, 2007

my mindseye

Last night I dreamed I was in high school but had some how forgotten, and therefore I was failing calculus because I hadnt been to class in weeks...this has been a reaccuring dream of late. Its like, dreams are going along just fine and then someone reminds me, 'hey, arent you in calculus right now?!" And then I remember that I totally forgot.
Weird. It's been Six years since I graduated high school.

In other news, the dishwashing soap at work is the exact same soap we had in the house tutor lounge at brings back in a great rush of memories all my time living at Carrington every time I smell it. Ahhhhhh! College. Its been three years since I graduated. Time flies.

In other news, pictures of the guest room. Makes you want to come and stay doesn t it? ( Notice Brett's army stuff on the bed, that's because this room doubles as his "extra closet" and houses army stuff galore...)
Sorry the before picture is blurry...I wasnt really in the state of mind at the time to make sure the picture was clear. Ah well, you get the idea, right? ;-)




christa said...

Hey I recognize those paintings and the map! :)~

Anonymous said...

It all looks so warm and inviting! Yes, we would love to come and stay with you. How about 2009? Hahaha! That will be when we are in the States again.


Louise said...

It does make me want to come and stay...How about november? ;)

Carina said...

im loving these before and after pics...but I still haven't spotted my red clock :(

S.P. said...

Wow! Your doing a great job!!! And I love seeing your apartment. Now I can better picture your stories!