September 17, 2007

big girls dont cry...

So, Brett left this morning for five days. I am really praying that I have some sort of revelation while he's gone into just HOW I am suppose to see these times when he is away?!
"needless suffering" is currently not cutting it. ;-)

This week was really interesting, on Saturday we headed north ( about 2.5 hours) to a wedding of an old friend, Grace Damoff...and when I say "old" , I mean, we havent really hung out since we were about 4....but the wedding was really AMAZING....and I'll go into details sometime soon, but lets just say, breathtaking views, amazing food, fun company. We had a good time. And it reminded me that we really need to force ourselves to get out of the house on the weekends. I mean, its difficult since mostly you just want to sleep when you have free time-but where are the memories there?!

Anyway, yesterday I was suffering from the after affects of a migrane and spent the day on the couch. Luckily, it seemed we had weather to correspond with whatever plans we had: Saturday=beautiful Sunny skies, warm. Sunday=rainy, cold...But, it ended up being a nice day with Brett lazing around... So I suppose it all worked out.

However, today, its rainy and cold again ( apparently the high is 63) so I'm trying to be inspired to DO something...Speaking of doing something: I am scheduled to celebrate Brett and my one year anniversary of being together ( which is on Thursday for those who are interested) with a few hours of R& actually worked out perfectly! Because i just randomly called this Spa that I had seen in Tacoma- a pink house situated high up on a hill....and made an appointment for a pedicure on Wednesday afternoon-knowing full well that I would probably have to cancel because I usually work on Wednesday afternoons. BUT, I look at the schedule for this week and guess what day I have off this week?! Wednesday!!! So, once again, I celebrate a milestone in our relationship alone....One month, the two month...the one year....all of them, the army has needed my husband's presence. Blah.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you actually have relationship anniversaries? I mean, isn't the marriage anniversary enough to keep up with?

I love the apartment pictures, by the way, and can't wait to see it all in person. :)

-Amy (currently coming back to life after a terrible cold)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, celebrate that 1 year anniversary...Jim and I actually just had the 41st anniversary of our relationship on Sept. 16. Aunt Donnave