September 15, 2007

YAY! *and more pictures

So, last night, God answered my prayer in finding my photo/computer adapter thingy....our friend Chuck asked me for a bandaid. So I went and got him the box of bandaids out of our first aid bin ( and for any one from Uni remembers my Resident Assistant days...its huge) and brought it out to him...and low and behold I opened the box to find, not only bandaids...but my photo stick. yeah. long story.
But that's where it was. hahahaha!!


Here are more before and after pictures of the apartment.

The living room...
( you can guess which are befores...and which are afters...)








Abigail said...

picture hint: where's waldo meets mr. gnome. ;-)

Lazy Mom said...

The apartment looks great! I'm so impressed!!

Lyds said...

Ohhhh, it looks great! I can't wait to visit. I met someone from Seattle on the weekend - random, he's from Hillsong.

I was also overjoyed to spy some great pictures of us - esp. the one of us from Penny
s birthday dinner =)

Missing you...talking this week =)

Louise said...

You have such grown up stuff :) It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Your apartment looks great!

Did you get to go to Grace's wedding? Did you get any pics there?