September 17, 2007

days and nights and pictures

So, it seems I'm going to have to actually DECIDE what I'm going to do with my days...I've got actual options! Which is pretty crazy, but...the nights. Tonight's kinda sad.

Anyway, did I mention I'm having dinner with Sarah's friend Brittany tomorrow evening ( in Seattle. woo traffic. ) ?! ( Sarah is Brett's friend from College...Brittany is my new blind date friend). We some how made it through a possible akward conversation with some good humor and talk of Mangolian food. Like her already. So, that's tomorrow.

And speaking of dinner here are pictures of our dining room....




Lazy Mom said...

Your dining room table is GORGEOUS. LOVE it!
And you look gorgeous in the reflection of the mirror, too!

Carina said...

Your house looks so adult. Im sure if I got married now our house wouldn't look nearly as adult as yours.